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  1. Contract Employee's Handbook - Finding contract jobs, billing rates, salary negotiations, W-2 vs. 1099 employment status, how to purchase insurance, when to use an employment agency, legal issues, how to keep technically current, other print and on-line resources for independent contractors.



  1. Edgar Database - US Government's Security and Exchange Commission.   Contains annual (10-K) and quarterly (10-Q) SEC filings from last 5 - 10 years for publicly-held US companies. These free on-line reports contain (a) extensive financial data (b) names and background of corporate officers, and (c) description of the company, its history, (d) a description of the businesses it is in, and (e) a disclosure of the future uncertainties they face in those business segments. 



  1. Company Information - Provides  information on over 100,000 public and private firms.  Site operated by Dun & Bradstreet and Lycos.  Contains the company's name, address, phone number, web site URL, and other information. Each company's D&B  report (company-supplied background and credit information) is available for $20.


  1. SIC Codes - The US Government devised a system of Standard Industrial Classification codes to describe most businesses in the US.  Once one knows the SIC code of a firm, one can look up other firms that offer similar products or services.  Below is a link to an OSHA site with a SIC index.  The "search" link at the bottom of the page connects to a page where one can search by 4 digit SIC number or by key word. 




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