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  1. Relocation Expenses

    Costs for corporations who relocate employees keep increasing, according to the Employee Relocation Council. Last year, the average cost to relocate a homeowner employee and a homeowner new hire was $53,696 and $40,676, respectively. That's an Increase of 3 percent for current employees and nearly 8 percent for new hires from 1997.

    Meannwhile, the cost of relocating employees who rent reached $15,604 last year, and the cost for new hires was $11,491. Each of those figures represents a 10 percent increase over 1997.  Homeowners, both current employees and new hires, constituted 57 percent of the corporate relocations in 1998. However, new hires were somewhat more likely to be renters than homeowners.  Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, October 3, 1999.
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